PartyCasino splash page

Client: PartyCasino

Role: UX Designer

Time on Project: 14 days

The Challenge

PartyCasino needed a new splash page solution which would be shown to new direct and SEO traffic only.
I was assigned the task of researching, designing, testing and developing this solution.

The first stage of the process was to conduct research.

My Process

Meeting the stakeholders

I met with the stakeholders to find out more details about the project such as:

  • What digital touch points are required?
  • Was the page going to be country specific? E.G. Russia sees a different promotion to Canada.
  • Were there any major development restrictions?
  • What content needs to be displayed?

Talking to different stakeholders I managed for find the following answers to my questions above.

  1. The splash page is to be designed and developed for desktop and mobile as the current website is not responsive, two separate entities will need to be created.
  2. The page is to be rolled out in Canada and the UK first if increased sign up and deposits are proved, the pages will be rolled out to other regions.
  3. The homepage can not just redirect to another page. The system does not have the functionality to redirect to new player IPs as the redirect takes place before and information can be pulled from the cookies.
  4. The page needs to contain details of the welcome offer, a Sign up CTA and an engaging banner.

Competitor Analysis

The Next task was competitor analysis. I analysed three direct competitors to see how they displayed this information.


I started off with the sister site to PartyCasino. Although they are related, they operate on different CMS and are run by different teams. PartyPoker solve the splash page solution by redirecting to a fullscreen overlay.

Mr Green

Next I looked at Mr Greens offering, they also went for a full page overlay. This splash page was very slick, combining vector graphics with HTML 5 animations.


888 casino took a slightly different approach to displaying this information as they used a smaller model window. They also display less information, only showing the sign up offer and CTA.

User Journey Map

I then mapped out a low fidelity map of desired journey of the user.

Sketching and wire framing

It was now time to grab a pencil and paper and put together and sketch out a few ideas.

Presenting ideas to stakeholders

Idea 1 - was to create a full screen take over of the homepage. The idea was that players entering the site would be redirected to a splash page. However this was quickly dismissed as creating a fullscreen takeover was out of development scope due to the redirect running before information about the user could be extracted from the cookies.

Idea 2 - was to create a model overlay window which could only be shown to new traffic coming either via SEO or direct channels after speaking with the developers and finding out that this was possible in the current system, the stakeholders seemed very keen to use this option.

Idea 3 - was to create a section at the top of the website which advertised the splash information. Sadly as we could not specify this to only new players and with the stakeholders not wanting the splash screen to be shown to all users, this idea was discarded.

The next step was to create a low fidelity prototype.

Low fidelity prototype

I created a low fidelity prototype in axure which was share with the stakeholders. I was given the green light to design the splash page. Here's a link to the prototype splash page in axure

Visual design

The stakeholders were happy with the proposed solution on the low fidelity prototype. I moved into sketch and created a high fidelity mockup.


I then took the design and coded it into the sitecore CMS using HTML/CSS and javaScript.

Splash page is live!

We decided to do a soft launch in Canada only, below is a screen on the final splash page.


After a couple of weeks I analysed the google analytics and was happy to see that registration from via the splash page had increased.


Sadly we had to remove the splash page as we had an issue were players entering from an affiliate landing page were also shown the splash page. As this created a bad user experience, we removed the splash page until a better solution could be found. Both the product team and the development team are working on a new solution.

Thank you for reading, feel free to View my UX skills

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